10 Seasonal Holiday Drinks from Your Favorite Chain Restaurants

Enjoy Christmas in a glass at these chain restaurants
Plymouth Cocktail

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Nothing says holiday spirit quite like a festive cocktail.  

There is something comforting about knowing that no matter where you are, the food and drink will consistently and reliably be the same; it’s part of the allure of the chain restaurant concept. During the holiday season, when folks are straining under the pressures and obligations of shopping, present-giving, entertaining, and office party-going, the familiar or predictable can be welcome.

10 Holiday Drinks at Chain Restaurants (Slideshow)

If you are one of those who turns his or her nose up at the thought of chain restaurants, we have only this to say, it’s your loss, especially when it comes to beverages. World-class imbibers know this to be true: “Just enjoy splendid drinks; it doesn’t matter where they are served.”

Our lineup of Christmas cocktails is proof positive good drinks can be found at popular chain restaurants this holiday season. If you’re looking for a way to bring the holidays straight to your glass, take a trip to one or more of these 10 restaurants.

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Holiday drinks from chain restaurants.