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10 Coolest Wineries to Visit Slideshow

Valaer Murray
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Trapiche, Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza, Argentina, boasts a handful of innovatively designed wineries, but what sets Trapiche winery apart is the insistence on celebrating the history of the wine region in a modern context. The company took over an abandoned winery built in 1912 — part of the first generation of Mendocino winemakers — and completely overhauled the buildings while keeping intact cherished vintage elements like the original signs on concrete tanks and the end-of-the-line railroad tracks. Even the remnants of the original brick walls were integrated into the modern glass and steel visitors’ center. In the spirit of bringing the past into the future, Trapiche is also testing a biodynamic vineyard on site, with a picturesque pond, gardens, and animals including a llama.