The 10 Best Wines and Drinks to Celebrate Girls’ Night on Valentine’s Day

Spend Valentine’s Day with the people you love the most — your friends

The 10 Best Wines and Drinks to Celebrate Girls’ Night on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here. Maybe this year, you decided you’re going to have a girls’ night. Whether you and your friends decide to stay in or go out for the evening, one thing that is certain, you’ll need some tasty drinks to loosen things up and get the party started.

Most importantly, those drinks should be delicious. They should also have an air of celebration to them, something that makes them extra special. Each of these 10 selections fit the bill. Every one of them is distinct and loaded with flavor. And whether you want to spend less than $15 or as much as $70, these are all great values in their categories that will impress your friends. Happy girls’ night, ladies — cheers!

Domaine Tournon “Mathilda” Victoria Rosé 2015 ($17)

This Australian rosé is composed entirely of grenache. And while there are winemakers all over the world crafting rosé from a multitude of grapes, grenache remains one of the best suited choices. This offering, with its pale pink hue, is an excellent choice for girls’ night. Fresh, ripe, wild strawberry aromas fill the nose along with a touch of vanilla. Gentle red fruits, pepper spice, and a touch of stone fruits fill the graceful palate. Firm acid, sour red fruits, and more are evident on the finish. Whether you start your evening with this wine or pair it with a meal (Indian food perhaps), this rosé will make your night more delicious.

Besserat de Bellefon Brut Rosé Champagne NV ($65)

This Champagne, which is composed of pinot noir (30 percent), chardonnay (30 percent), and pinot meunier (40 percent), was produced using organic fruit. The salmon-colored hue shimmers when you pour this wine. Ripe, red raspberry and strawberry aromas dominate the nose here. The palate is stuffed with gentle red fruits accompanied but bits of citrus and plenty of spice. The long finish shows off hints of darker fruits and a touch of flaky biscuit. Firm acid keeps things in check. Champagne turns any night into an event. So kick your girls’ night off with this one, or pair it with fruit and cheese to end your evening. Either way your taste buds will explode with joy.

Szigeti Rosé Sekt Brut NV ($25)

This sparkling wine from the Burgenland region of Austria is composed of local varieties Zweigelt (50 percent) and Blaufränkisch (50 percent). It was fermented in stainless steel and spent a year in bottle aging on yeast. Wild strawberry leads the nose. The palate is dominated by red raspberry, red cherry, and lots of white pepper. Flaky biscuit, crème fraîche, and bits of red plum are all in evidence on the long finish. This somewhat bold sparkling rosé will stand up to fairly hearty cuisine. If you and your friends are eating something rich on your Girls’ Valentine’s night, consider this delicious and inexpensive sparkler.

Mumm Napa DVX Rosé 2010 ($70)

This sparkling rosé from Napa Valley is an equal blend of chardonnay and pinot noir. After secondary fermentation, it spent four years on bottle on the lees another six months after it was disgorged.  A host of red fruit aromas dominate the nose. Bits of linzer tart and dried white peach are present in smaller amounts. The palate is stuffed with red fruit flavors in droves. An impression of sweetness leads the finish which also shows off a touch of yeast and black pepper spice. Whatever you and your girlfriends are eating this Valentine’s Day, the DVX Rosé is all but certain to pair with it well, so broad are its charms.

Zuccardi Malamado Malbec Port NV ($20)

This port was produced entirely from malbec sourced in the Mendoza region of Argentina. It was aged in French oak for 25 months prior to release. At only 13.5 percent alcohol, it clocks in a lot lower than traditional port, allowing you to easily enjoy that second glass. Black cherry and raspberry aromas present on the nose. The palate is stuffed to the gills with sweet, even keeled black fruit flavors. Bits of kirsch and dusty cocoa are apparent on the above average finish. If you’re planning dessert with any sort of chocolate in it, this port will be a fantastic accompaniment.

Tselepos Amalia Brut NV ($28)

This Greek sparkling wine was produced using the Moschofilero grape. Bits of toasted nut and apple light up the nose. The palate shows off a rich array of white fruits that are tinged by hints of elderberry. White pepper, brioche, and wisps of white peach are all evident on the long finish. This wine pairs remarkably well with grilled or roasted white meats. It’s also a delicious way to toast a friendship. Either way, it’ll make a great addition to your girls’ night celebration this Valentine’s Day.

Charles Krug Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 ($30)

There are a couple things everyone is going to want on Valentine’s Day. One of them is something delicious to drink and the other is chocolate. So why not pick a wine that pairs well with chocolate? This estate cabernet sauvignon from Napa Valley’s oldest winery will do the trick quite nicely. Black raspberry and bits of toast fill the nose. The palate is deeply layered with dark fruits such as blackberry, black plum, and bits of cherry. Roasted espresso, dusty chocolate, and more are in evidence on the long, firm finish. This cabernet will pair marvelously with both your steak entrée and your chocolate-laden dessert. And you’ll be enjoying a classic from Napa Valley s most enduring producer.

Dewatsuru Sakura Emaki Sake ($20)

This sake was produced from heirloom purple rice. That gives it the lovely deep pink hue that it exhibits. The nose is studded with red and black plum aromas as well as hints of plum pudding spice. The flavors are of cherry, plum, and more. Bits of sweetness and plenty of spice are in evidence as well. The finish is long and mellifluous. You could drink this with your girlfriends all night long and never need to switch beverages, it’s that appealing. Roast a center-cut pork loin, top it with chimichurri, and pair it with this sake for awe-inspiring results.

Mija Sangria Red Sangria ($11.99)

Mija is made with red wine and 100 percent real fruit juice. You may be celebrating a girls’ night in the middle of February, but nothing says refreshing and “summer get here soon” like a well-made sangria. This delicious sangria has an authentic taste loaded with red fruit flavors. It’s sweet but not syrupy. There’s a weight to it and a depth of fruit flavor that is really impressive for a premade sangria. You could certainly pour it in a pitcher and add some fresh fruit if you want to kick it up a notch. But there’s no need to, it’s delicious by itself. I suggest making a bowl of guacamole with a bit of heat to it and pairing it with Mija.

Tariquet VSOP Bas-Armagnac ($45)

This brandy from the Armagnac region is composed of ugni-blanc (60 percent), and baco (40 percent). The youngest brandy blended into this offering was aged at least seven years. If you want to spend your evening sitting in front of a fire or watching a movie, sipping something that will keep you warm, brandy is a fantastic choice. This selection from Armagnac is my suggestion for a delicious sipper at a great price. Freshly baked biscuit aromas and hints of spice emerge on the nose along with a touch of baked apple. Bits of marzipan, dried stone fruits, vanilla, and more dot the gentle and persistent palate. The finish is long and spicy with a hint of toasted pecan in evidence. Every friend in your circle is going to be impressed with your sophisticated drinking choices if you pour this.