The 10 Best Coffee Chains in America

These chains know a little somethin’ about the java

Can you guess which chain is number one?

Some wander into the nearest coffee spot seeking a silent safe haven to settle down and get some work done. Others are quickly in and out, only paying a visit for that tiny cup of heaven that jumpstarts their day. Americans love their java, which is why coffee chains are so successful.

The 10 Best Coffee Chains in America (Slideshow)

When it comes to coffee, we’ve already looked at it from many angles, including the best chains to work for, the coolest around the world, and the best local shops in America. This time, though, we wanted to keep it plain and simple: What are the country's best coffee chains?

We defined a chain as any company with at least 50 units — though some have many times that. Most, if not all, of these have signature specialties — everyone knows, for example, that Dunkin’ Donuts is famous for its plain black coffee and its delicious "Munchkin” donut holes. And all are well-known within their communities — and in some cases all over the world.


Sit back, pour a cup of joe, and read on to learn what the 10 best coffee chains in America are.