Drink Old-School Brews with Adrian Grenier

The 'Entourage' star invests in a beer that has to be opened via can opener

Why crack open a bottle of beer when you can reach for the can opener à la Adrian Grenier? The Entourage star takes a stab at an old tradition for a new generation: retro beer cans, opened with a church-key can opener.

Grenier and a friend, Justin Hawkins, co-founded a Seattle Brewery, called Churchkey Can Co., earlier this month; now, its ironic-retro beer can is gaining street cred with a new crowd. The beer has to be opened with a church-key opener (the same kind you use for condensed milk cans that punctures a three-pronged hole), an unsual twist for a can of beer. Flat-top canned beer became the norm in 1935, and stayed that way until the invention of the pop-top can in the 1960s, says the company. The reason wasn't necessarily just for nostalgia, Grenier told Businessweek: "I think it’s a new experience that helps build community," he said. "...It’s strongly connected to a heritage that we’re all proud of. A real American heritage."

The brew comes from two Portland home brewers who created the Churchkey Pilsner. The beer, according to the company's web site, has a light grainy taste with a malty finish. Grenier's not the only guy to get in the beer-making business — the Hanson brothers beat him to it.

Seattle and Portland residents (where the beer is sold currently): if you're unsure how to actually open your hip new can of beer, the guys at Churchkey demonstrated how to open it with a church key.


Original Flat Top Beer Can from Churchkey Can Co. on Vimeo.