Drink Blogs: Merlot and Brandy Sangria, and More Links

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In today's Link Love, a video review of Red Bull Total Zero, plus why flavored liquor needs to go
Merlot and Brandy Sangria
<a href="http://thewifecookstoo.blogspot.com/2012/05/red-merlot-and-brandy-sangria.html">The Wife Cooks Too</a>

Fresh fruit to garnish your sangrias, all while soaking in the booze.

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• Revelation: We should have sangria all the time. Because afterward, there is amazingly alcoholic fruit for dessert (above, right). [The Wife Cooks Too]

• Here's a cheeky review of Red Bull Total Zero Energy Drink. Totally rocking the headband. [The Impulsive Buy]

• The problem with things like marshmallow vodka (other than the fact that it does stuff like this). [Bon Appétit]

• It's the little things in life, like an easy mango pineapple julius. [At Home with Gina C]

• A concise review of Belgian-style brew Blanche. [Daily Beer Review]