Drink Blogs: Blood Orange Sangria and More Links

In today's Link Love, a flavor filter for beer, plus a 'Game of Thrones' drinking game

Blood Orange Sangria for Boozy Brunches

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• Warm weather means breaking out that sangria for a boozy brunch; blood orange sounds like a perfect addition. [Epicurean Mom]

• Read the rules to a Game of Thrones drinking game, with the first one being take a shot when any king of any kind kicks the bucket. [Anna Lucyelle Tacchini]

• Here's a crazy ad for Randall The Enamel Animal, now in a portable size, which lets you infuse your beer with all sorts of stuff. [Laughing Squid]

• Matcha tea and gorgeous tea bowls at a ceramics festival in Japan. [Tales of Japanese Tea]

• How to cold brew coffee for the warm mornings to come. [The Delicious Philosophy]