Dream Swag Bags for Food-Lovers

Forget the bash; we’re talking about the goody bags that fantasies are made of

See whats inside The Daily Meal editors' food swag bags!

The best part about being invited to an event often isn't the elaborate meals or the over-the-top decorations — it's the swag.

Yes, the swag — the gift bags, the freebies, the stuff you’d never shell out money for unless you had, well, money. After all the martinis have been drained and the last ounce of prosecco is gone, and after the foie gras has been served and the sea-salted caramel torte eaten, the party is over and the swag is doled out.

While awards shows and A-list events are infamous for insane amounts of expensive swag — some retailing up to six figures — we’re taking it to the next level. After our imaginations did wonders with dream parties, we decided the fun couldn't be over just yet. 

What's in the ultimate food swag bag? Think about it — luscious truffles, mounds of the best cuts of meat, vintage reserve bottles, and epicurean adventures that you only see in books and movies. We’re getting way ahead of ourselves, but we can dream, can’t we? 

So we present a collection of what would be in our editors' dream food swag bags: 

"I'm attending an imaginary event that brings the sushi masters from all around the world to one place to provide a never-ending sampling of their fare. Everywhere I turn there's champagne, caviar, and uni, and on the way out the door I'm handed a case of Veuve Clicquot, a gift certificate to Masa, an all-expenses paid monthlong round-trip to Japan, and a 35 1/4-ounce container of Petrossian Special Reserve Ossetra Caviar." — Arthur Bovino, Executive Editor