A Dream in a Glass: The Wines of La Scolca

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A Dream in a Glass: The Wines of La Scolca

IMG_3287(2)Chiara Soldati is the fifth generation of her family to carry on the La Scolca  winemaking legacy - wine is absolutely in her DNA! 

There's nothing like the real thing and if you're not sipping La Scolca Black Label Gavi dei Gavi, you're swirling an impostor. Founded in 1919, La Scolca is the first producer of quality Gavi and the only authorized producer of the exclusive Gavi dei Gavi. Although the Cortese grape has been planted in the Piedmont region of northern Italy since the late 19th century, it was La Scolca and the Soldati family that elevated the production techniques to produce world-class Gavi.

I was recently invited to sip a few La Scolca wines with the dynamic Chiara Soldati, a fifth generation member of the Soldati family, she leads La Scolca alongside her father Giorgio. A savvy businesswoman, Chiara is also an author and has written a book titled My Dream. During our conversation Chiara poetically stated, "In a glass of wine, you can find a dream." In this simple sentence, Chiara captures the beauty of wine. I love wine not only for the taste but for the ineffable connection to a place, a time, and a feeling. Sipping La Scolca, I find myself dreaming of a journey to Piedmont - a place that I hope to visit one day but drinking wine from the region already gives me a connection.

La Scolca Black Label exterior
Sourced from Piedmont's oldest Cortese vines (60+ years), La Scolca Black Label Gavi dei Gavi 2013 ($45) is an elegant expression of the varietal. Incredibly crisp and refreshing, this medium-bodied beauty has an appealing long-finish and elegantly balances a flinty minerality with vibrant notes of grapefruit and almonds. A perfect match with fresh seafood, this is a white wine with enough structure and complexity to improve with age. Buy a bottle to enjoy now and another to savor in ten years.

La Scolca White Label 2014La Scolca White Label Gavi DOCG 2014 ($18) is a more subtle version of the Black Label. Sourced from the estate's 30-year old vines, the white label is a bit zestier with very vivacious flavors of lemon and orange. Sourced from vineyards located 70 miles from the sea, I love this subtle salinity of this wine. A great match with fresh oysters.

La Scolca Pinot Nero 2010
La Scolca is so closely identified with Gavi, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that their portfolio includes red wine. La Scolca Pinot Nero del Monferrato DOC 2010 ($28) is an absolutely delightful expression of Pinot Noir. With each sip, the wine revealed more delicious flavors of raspberry and cherry with a dash of earth, rosemary, and almonds. La Scolca Pinot Nero has a great acidity and a smooth finish - really one of the best Pinot Noirs I've tasted in a very long time.

If you're planning a trip to Italy, La Scolca offers guided visits. A sip of their wines may certainly inspire you to book a flight!


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