Drag Queen Brunches Become Popular

End your weekend in style with these girls!

Dragging yourself out of bed on Sundays after the night before just got a little bit easier…

According to Buzzfeed, a phenomenon called “drag brunches” has become popular at gay bars across the country. Taking place on Sunday afternoons, the events offer an entertaining way for patrons to get their boozy brunches with a show, too—the drag queens perform for diners throughout the afternoon, revamping the standard Sunday brunch into something whimsical and new.

Places like Houston’s Bayou City Bar and Grill’s “Drag Me…To Brunch” offer a comfortable atmosphere where people can come and enjoy a good mid-morning meal, a drink, and be entertained all before the work week begins. With the aim of keeping the idea of the “neighborhood gay bar” alive in a time when establishments such as New York City’s famous Rawhide Bar are closing, these occasions offer a fun outlet not only for those coming to brunch but also for those performing, as well.


With events like NYC Pride Week coming up this summer, everyone could use a little bit more queen in their brunch.