Dr. Oz Reveals the Pasta Paradox

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Dr. Oz Reveals the Pasta Paradox

Pasta lovers rejoice!  In a recent segment on the Dr. Oz show, called “The Pasta Paradox”, Dr. Oz spoke with celebrity Chef Mario Batali and nutritionist Maya Feller on why we love pasta so much and how we can eat it as part of a healthy lifestyle.

As recently reported, people tend to crave pasta because of the newly discovered “sixth taste” or “starchy taste”, but some people try to stay away from pasta because they fear it will lead to gaining weight.  At Pasta Fits, we know this is a myth.  It’s well known that Italians eat pasta every day and don’t gain weight, which Dr. Oz considers the “pasta paradox”.

Pasta’s main ingredients are simply water, flour and eggs, making it a healthy choice, and if you adhere to healthy portion sizes, makes the perfect foundation for a nutritious and delicious meal.  Watch the segment here to see why Dr. Oz gives us all “permission to eat pasta!”

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