DP Pizza: The Best New York Pie You’ve Never Heard Of

In a city known for its pizza, there’s a secret gem in the East Village

Arancini from DP Pizza.

All great pizza starts with the dough and Spector lets his ferment for three days. He then begins building the pizza with a cold ball of dough and a cold cast-iron skillet. He stretches the dough in the skillet and spreads it until it covers the entire bottom of the pan. Once the dough is ready, he places the skillet over a flame and builds the pizza in the pan while the crust begins to cook. He adds tomato sauce, cheese, and toppings — once the pizza is assembled it goes into the oven to finish.

The pizza I had featured three cheeses: pecorino, Parmesan, and mozzarella. It was sprinkled with spicy sopressata and spoonfuls of pesto. It was delicious. The crust was dense and chewy, with the outer edges crisp and light. The mix of cheeses gave the pizza a sharp, rich flavor that combined with the sopressata for a wonderfully spicy pie that was nicely balanced with the herbal flavor of the pesto.


So the big question is, "Where do I get DP pizza?" You have two options. The first is for those living in the East Village. DP Pizza is available for delivery on SeamlessWeb. It is run out of the kitchen of the Brindle Room (and now that you know this, you can order it at the Brindle Room even though it is not on the menu). The pizza I described above is available for delivery. All the pies are individual size and they have several different kinds, including a classic margherita and a Hawaiian pie that features grilled pineapple wrapped in bacon. You can also design your own pie.

The second place to get DP Pizza is on the boardwalk at Rockaway Beach at the 96th Street block. This is the building that also houses Vinegar Hill House’s Motorboat & the Big Banana, The Commodore, and the Rockaway Taco Annex. The pizzas here will be a little different from the pizzas coming out of Brindle Room; the pies will be bigger, cooked in pans, not skillets. You will be able to design your own and, because the pies are bigger, they will also be available by the slice. For now, DP Pizza in Rockaway is open on Fridays and weekends but the days should expand as summer heats up.

So, pizza fans, and fanatics, you have a new pie to devour and discuss — you will not be disappointed. Oh, did I mention that DP Pizza is also making meatballs, mozzarella sticks, and amazing arancini (photo)? Don’t get me started.

DP Pizza — 96th Street Boardwalk Stands, Rockaway Beach
Seamless — www.seamless.com
(Brindle Room — 277 East 10th Street, NYC)