Downtown Long Beach

Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 426-4259


  • Used to be so much fun back in the days!Now it's just alright, but I think it is slowly making a revival.Promenade is cool with dope bars. Block parties are great. Still love the LBC
  • Since you're in DTLB grab your self a CityLife access card at and save money all over town!
  • What isn't there to love about Downtown Long Beach? :)
  • Take the Passport to get you around to all the attractions. Its free, clean and frequently timed.
  • Woohoo! So fun!
  • lots to eat, drink and do!
  • Filthy disgusting place
  • Greatest downtown of the US
  • Too many homeless and too much crime to be enjoyable.
  • Nothing but the LBC
  • I had a great time we ready enjoyed ourselves it was a bit crowded but very enjoyable with nice bars n great food
  • Great food!
  • Andar de bike na beira da praia ao entardecer!!!!! muito show!
  • We have a great downtown public library check it out!!!

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