Donald's Market

Grocery Store
2279 Commercial Dr (at Grandview)
Vancouver, BC
(604) 255-1440


  • Free delivery! Just ask.
  • On sunny days they tend to give out free samples of watermelon, so stop by and have a slice ! It's really sweet!
  • Cheao groceries - can't complain!
  • Lines fill the aisles during the after-workhours rush. Get your shopping done before 3pm!
  • Better than Safeway or Super Valu
  • Great selection of organic chocolate that will satisfy any sweet tooth!
  • Delicious whole wheat pasta (500g) for only $2. You'll love it even if you're averse to ww pasta as it has the texture of a white pasta. Great variety too!
  • If you need things customized (ex. You want 6 eggs instead of 12, you want half the amount of cheese put out etc.) just ask! They are always happy to help
  • Popping in at Donalds Market after work to pick up a Georgian baguette. Cooking dinner for a special friend.

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