Donald Trump Fires Socialite From Her Own Winery

Patricia Kluge was forced out by Donald Trump after declaring bankruptcy

Guess the words "you're fired" apply just about anywhere Donald Trump is involved. Trump revealed to the New York Post and other media outlets that the famous socialite Patricia Kluge has been forced out of her own winery. 

Trump bought the Charlottesville, Va. Kluge Estate Vineyard for $6.2 million, after Kluge reportedly blew all her cash from her divorce from billionaire John Kluge and had to declare bankruptcy. Trump's son took over operations at the vineyard, and allowed Kluge to stay on as vice president. However, the tables have turned: Trump says now that the transition of ownership is complete (his son now takes care of operations), she's no longer needed at the winery. 

A sideburn to Patricia Kluge: her current husband, Bill Moses, will stay on as general manager. Trump noted to the New York Post that the winery is the largest on the East Coast, with more than 500 acres. That's more than 125,000 cases per year. We hope that Kluge was able to take a swig of pinot before hearing Trump's infamous words.