Domino’s Is Serving Up a Roast Beef And Gravy Pizza, But There’s A Catch

You won’t need a gravy boat and a carving knife, but you will need an airline ticket

So you thought pineapple chunks, or maybe anchovies, made for unusual pizza toppings? Naw, that’s a perfectly pedestrian pizza. How about a pizza topped with those Sunday dinner favorite ingredients, roast beef and gravy?

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You won’t need a gravy boat and a carving knife for this meal, but here’s the catch: You will need an airline ticket to Tokyo. This special pizza is only served at Domino’s Japan.

“Our popular roast beef and gravy topping combo can now be ordered as a whole or one half of a half & half pizza!” the restaurant’s Japanese website announces. “It’s a classic pairing so delicious that it can’t go wrong—even as a pizza!”

A medium roast beef and gravy pizza costs U.S. $25, and a large is U.S. $35. In addition to the roast beef slices and gravy, it comes topped with spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports. Domino’s Japan did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


Domino’s Japan has made the news for creative ventures before. In 2016, the chain reportedly trained real live reindeer to deliver pizzas during the month of December. But maybe Japan is just a little too far for you to travel for a pizza, even with creative toppings. In that case, check out the best pizza in every state.