Domino’s France Rolls Out Goat Cheese-Honey Pizza

'Sweet Chevre Pizza' is the latest international oddity

Domino's Sweet Chevre

Hot on the heels of the crazy new "Double Sensation" pizza being released by Pizza Hut in Singapore, its chief competitor, Domino's, has gone and rolled out a new offering that, while not quite as crazy, is sure to make plenty of folks scratch their heads.

It’s called the Sweet Chevre Pizza, and it’s in the process of being introduced by Domino’s across France.

As opposed to the Double Sensation, which somehow manages to combine three cheeses, salsa, bell peppers, mushrooms, turkey ham, chicken sausage, pepper Alfredo sauce, smoked chicken, and zucchini (whew), this one actually sounds pretty tasty. According to Brand Eating, the crust is topped with a layer of crème fraîche, then followed up with mozzarella, goat cheese, bacon lardons, onions, and honey.

That flavor combination — bacon, goat cheese, and onions — is very popular in French cuisine, and tarts and quiches that combine all three are French restaurant mainstays. Cheese plates worldwide feature goat cheese livened up with a drizzle of honey as well, so all these ingredients actually should work well together.

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It sells for €6.99, or about $9.30.