Dolphin Stadium

500 Sea World Dr (SeaWorld San Diego)
San Diego, CA 92109
(619) 222-6363


  • This show is crazy. You seriously have to be on something to understand it! I miss the regular dolphin show. If it ain't broke don't fix it!
  • I left this show completely bewildered. Only saw dolphins for about 5 minutes while I saw strange lady in parrot costume swinging around for the entire show. Boring.
  • Dolphin part is pretty cool, the interpretive dance and music could go away.
  • Soak zone = BEST zone!!
  • Lose the birds, people dressed as birds, and just stick with the dolphins.
  • Most amzing show SeaWorld has ever put together
  • The dolphins were cool, but the birds got short shrift in favor of arealists doing tricks. They were impressive and all, but I wanted to see the birds do more than one fly-by apiece!
  • The trainers have way more fun than the audience.
  • New dolphin show is pretty cool.
  • Fills up fast on the weekends. Get there early.
  • :) :)
  • People are so negative. My five year old LOVED the show! It was AMAZING! I'm a dolphin lover, and the pilot whales are beautiful. Want to see more dolphins?! Go to the Dolphin encounter.
  • I don't know what people are talking about. This show Wass crazy good!!! Lots of dolphins and the story was cute. I enjoyed it!
  • Unfortunately, kids 11 & under dnt write reviews on this site. If they did, it would be positive. Everything is geared towards the kids just like any other park. Let the Yelp guys leave hater comments
  • What is this?! Disneyland? I came to see dolphins. Not people dressed as birds.
  • Man, foursquare haters gonna hate! I thought the show was awesome! Neat costumes and acrobatics, and music. I really enjoyed how they got the birds involved. Lovely show!
  • Bring a hat and sunscreen. It's hot!
  • The lower middle section, just above the soak zone is the best section.
  • Amazing how they train the dolphins to do this show
  • The dolphin show at Atlanta Aquarium is much better than this one.

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500 Sea World Dr (SeaWorld San Diego)
500 Sea World Dr (SeaWorld San Diego)
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