Dole Launches Line of Chocolate-Covered Banana Slices

The 'Banana Dippers' come plain or topped with almonds

Dole Dippers

Dole has become nearly synonymous with bananas, which also happen to be one or the more versatile fruits (unless you try to juice them, of course). Frozen bananas are quite possibly the best alternative to ice cream out there, so the folks at Dole, which is the world’s leading producer of the fruit, decided to get in the game and freeze some bananas o their own. They took it one step further, as well, by dipping the banana slices into dark chocolate.

The recently launched Banana Dippers come in packs containing four slices of banana, frozen, chocolate-covered, and if you prefer, topped with almonds. The dark chocolate variety contains 100 calories per serving, and the one with almonds contains 120 calories.

Freezing bananas for commercial use has always proved tricky, and while they definitely get the flavor down, the bananas themselves take on an icy, crystalline consistency as opposed to the creaminess that frozen bananas are renowned for. As a frozen snack, though, these go down easy and are pretty hard not to like.