Dolce & Gabbana SS15: A Dramatic Runway with all the Romance and Beauty of Spain


In case the collection left doubt in our minds, even the music at Dolce & Gabbana was an epic wonderland of castanets, flamenco tunes and bullfighting all compiled into one heart-pounding collection. And it was indeed heart-pounding. Dramatic swells of instruments accompanied the models as they walked out in designs inspired by the sights and sounds of traditional Spain. Red, white and black dominated the runway and scarlet carnations were scattered through the show. It was a lesson in color, culture and drama.

Trying to build up and away from their original inspiration, Domenico and Stefano paired boleros with high-waisted shorts, emulated the popular midi and crop lengths on shirts and skirts, and translated almost everything into an on-trend boxy or slim silhouette. Despite the distinct inspiration, red shades on everything from lips to carpet and a Spanish soundtrack that, quite honestly, made us want to get up and dance, the collection was theatrical, but not to a fault. It was dramatic without looking like a costume; everything was luxurious, romantic, modern and, depending on your personal taste, very wearable.

The attention to detail is an area in which Dolce & Gabbana never fail to disappoint and this collection was no exception. Lace was paired with golden gems, patterns were embroidered onto satin jackets and everything on the runway was adorned in one spectacular way or another. Jeweled belts and accessories were lost on prints, but on solid blacks or reds the beading stood out with the kind of detail that we expect of the designer duo. Also playing with accessories, they brought their pieces up-to-date with black thigh-highs, paired jeweled socks (that we must have) with heels and added bitty bags that were no bigger than an iPhone.

With all the bold color, daring fabrics and opulent embellishment it was almost hard to see beyond the spectacle. But just under that sparking façade were iconic Dolce & Gabbana silhouettes: slender cuts, bustiers, and a heightened feminine sexuality that they are so very good at accentuating. Thankfully their iconic aesthetic wasn’t entirely lost to the theatrical performance as it was a beautiful collection of midi dresses, leggy short-shorts and detailed pieces that made us want to shout—olé!