Do You Want Mercury with That Sushi?

What not to order at the sushi bar

It's the middle of Mercury Awareness Week, and while the Obama administration is working to clean up mercury pollution, diners still have to be careful of what they eat.

Mercury is particularly harmful to young children and pregnant women. According to the NRDC, the worst types of sushi to order are hamachi, toro, maguro, ahi, and aji, among others.

The complete list of mercury-high sushi is pretty long (thankfully, uni isn't on there), so if you have a hard time remembering the list while at a restaurant (we do), there's an app for that. The free Android app, "Safe Sushi," provides sushi tips on the go; an iPhone version is coming soon (the app will be available on iTunes Dec. 16).

If you can't be bothered with fancy phones, maybe print out this handy-dandy poster. You know, to keep in your wallet. Or to memorize.

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