1221 N 27th St
Lincoln, NE 68503


  • Chicken enchiladas are the best
  • Lincoln burritos are the bezz knees
  • I love their shrimp and crab burritos, the super nachos are...super...and the quesadillas are huge!!! We also like the rolled tacos.
  • D'Leons may be drunk food, but they have some of the best horchata in town.
  • Shrimp and Crab burito all day long
  • Shrimp & crab burrito with a Mandarin Jarritos = AWESOMENESS AT ITS FINEST!!!
  • Breakfast Burrito's are better at night
  • Hash brown burrito is the way to go
  • Green chile burrito is the bomb-diggity here Oh Yea
  • Steak,Egg and cheese burritos always hit the spot !
  • hashbrown burritos are delicious!