DIY with the Homemade Gin Kit

Anyone can turn store-bought vodka into homemade gin with this DIY kit

No bathtub is needed!

This holiday season, gin lovers can make their own Christmas gin with the Homemade Gin Kit, and no bathtub is needed! All you need to do to make a batch of gin at home is follow three steps:

1.      Purchase the Homemade Gin Kit.

2.      Pick up a bottle of vodka.

3.      Follow the simple instructions enclosed in the kit.

And 36 hours later, your homemade gin will be ready to drink.

Using the supplied mixture of juniper berries and specially selected spices, botanicals, and flowers, along with the kit’s DIY equipment, anyone can turn store-bought vodka into homemade gin.

During the month of December, the Homemade Gin Kit’s limited-edition Christmas botanical blend is available. Featuring notes of cinnamon, clove, ginger, and rosemary, the Christmas blend smells and tastes like the winter season.

Customers who have used the Homemade Gin Kit say that the finished product rivals store-bought brands of gin in terms of smell, flavor, and complexity.

The kit includes one 500-milliliter clear Italian glass swing-top liquor bottle; one 250-milliliter clear Italian swing-top flask; a spice tin filled with juniper berries; a spice tin filled with a blend of spices, botanicals, and flowers; a double-mesh fine strainer; a funnel; and instructions. The kit costs $49.95 and the Christmas blend and regular spice refills cost $10.

To learn more about or purchase the kit and the limited-edition Christmas blend, visit

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