Disneyland's Secret Supper Club

Members can enjoy the exculsive eatery for $25,000

Disneyland and Disney World may not be known for their fine dining (but at least they have Starbucks to caffeinate parents), but a new look into Disneyland's Club 33 eatery may change your mind. 

Club 33 has recently opened up for new members — the first time in a decade — for the mere cost of $25,000 plus $10,000 more in yearly fees. The restaurant's membership roster is only about 500 guests, the Los Angeles Times reports. And the newest round of invites will be sent to the chosen ones on the waitlist of about 800. Disney is also opening a second members-only club, called 1901, in June, themed to feel like an old-timey lounge where Walt would hang out.

The restaurant is known for its secrecy and formality: to even apply, the web site says, Club 33-wannabes must apply in writing. And the menus look just as fancy: while they haven't been updated recently, past menus have inculded duck confit, sweet onion brioche turnovers, and New York prime strip sirloin. Good thing we know the best-kept secret restaurants of Disneyland and Disneyworld.