Packed Freezer

20 Quick Dinner Dishes You Can Make Completely Out of the Freezer

Because sometimes we just need a fast home-cooked meal
Packed Freezer

Have you ever been in a situation when all you want is to make a home-cooked meal for your family and loved ones, but unfortunately there’s nothing in your refrigerator to put a decent dinner together with? This is when having a well-stocked and organized freezer comes in handy.

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Cooking a dish made from ingredients that all come from your freezer isn’t the easiest of tasks, but nonetheless, it can be done — and it can be delicious. Certain freezer-friendly proteins, such as ground meats, sausages, and shrimp, are always good to have on hand and can be quickly transformed into dinner on the fly. Other ingredients that should constantly be in your freezer, such as chicken stock, tortillas, corn, and broccoli, are all so versatile that they can be used in many capacities and will be sure not to go unused.

We have rounded up our favorite dishes that you can make (almost) completely out of your freezer. Full disclosure: We thought it was OK to include some canned goods, common condiments found in most refrigerators and a few other ingredients that most home cooks already own.


Most of these recipes don’t require frozen components; however, they all taste just as good when made with frozen foods as they do when made with fresh meat, fish, and produce. So make some room in your ice box and be sure to check out these 20 quick dinner dishes you can make completely out of the freezer.