Dining Décor

Our picks for food-focused decorating

Decorating has never been so delicious.

Here’s a surprise: Here at TDM, we love food, and it doesn’t stop at cooking it, eating it, and writing about it. Food manifests itself into our lives on every level — from centerpieces at our parties to the gifts we give to the way we think. And even if you don’t work in the food business, don’t think you can get away. Food — and the kitchen table — has always been a staple of our culture, and cultures everywhere, dominating not only our internal survival clocks, but our most gluttonous thoughts and dizziest daydreams. From the moment we wake to the illusive moment where we finally drift off to sleep, we are dominated by food, in all its forms and facets.

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But lately, we’ve found that food doesn’t stop in the kitchen, or at the mouth, for that matter. Food has transformed into a whole new way of decorating, accessorizing, and presenting one’s creative space. From walls to floors to tables to lounging space, food has become not only a staple of ingesting, but a staple of decorating. Food décor, or "dining décor," as I like to call it, is everywhere — and we’re highlighting some of the best finds.

Although Etsy seems to dominate the dining décor market, centralizing boutique finds and unique creators, we’ve also tracked down some hard-to-find pieces and mainstream creations, although surely not them all. (Thankfully, leaving the possibility for more to come.) But for an interiors-obsessed editor at a food publication, this slideshow may just be a little piece of heaven.