Dining Blogs: Chicago's Bleeding Heart Bakery and More Links

In today's Link Love, reviewing Jack in the Box, plus chocolate Instagrams

A favorite bakery in Chicago and more dining ideas from today's Link Love.

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• A hipster brunch with sprinkles at the beloved Bleeding Heart Bakery in Chicago. [Biegel Bites]

• Jack in the Box is doing a waffle breakfast, which is surprisingly good for one reviewer. [The Impulsive Buy]

• An $18 carrot dish sparks a conversation about pricey vegetable menus items. [The Price Hike]

• Photographers and chocolate lovers can indulge in Cocoagraph, Instagram-like photos printed on bars of chocolate. Which actually isn't that smart because then you'll just eat all your photos. [The Laughing Squid]

• Too many Groupon coupons have caused restaurant Back Alley Waffles to charge $450 for waffles by appointment only. Probably a joke, but the Groupon hate is real. [Gawker]