Dim Sum (譽滿坊)

Dim Sum
$ $
G/F, 63 Sing Woo Rd (Tsui Man st)
+852 2834 8893


  • Classic HK dim sum - if you're on the HK island side, much better value than the options around Central (fu Sing or city hall). Can be rushed on weekends so come before 1230!
  • Food gotten bad since its reopen. The shrimp dumpling was okay, other dim sum was mediocre. Service still not good.
  • simply admit that here you'll find another best dimsum place on Hong Kong island ! Long queqing is expected. Must try lobster soup here!
  • This place is amazing! Reasonable price, friendly staff and great dim sum!
  • 4 18 22 !
  • The (abalone slices with chicken rice in bamboo cup) is good, like the rice sauce. Dim sum and steamed egg just so-so.
  • Decent selection, clean and well lit. Try the San Tjin Bao. Sadly they have shark's fin as an ingredient in many of the dumplings listed, would be more enthusiastic about this place otherwise.
  • The best dim sum restaurant in Hong kong.
  • Brilliant Dim Sum. Try A, B, C and D on menu. House specialities.
  • Stand in line on a Sat for a Dim Sum Lunch without the usual train station atmosphere!
  • Great dim sums; however, don't come during the rush hour or you will wait.. 1.5hr for a table, jeez..
  • Rice cakes
  • Steamed egg was really awesome! Custard with meat underneath.
  • Really good. The best dim-sum in Happy Valley. Best shrimp dumpling I've ever had. Enjoyed both the dim-sum and the dinner dishes.
  • Worst dim sum ever
  • Taste, price &promote,service very good
  • Good dimsum at my fav part of the island. Do come earlier to avoid queue. Worth every walks and trem ride to here.
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  • Very good dim sum. Packed on weekends when the HV families take the joint by storm.

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