Details on the Newest Cocktail Joint in Twin Cities

Travail may be closing for now, but it'll bring a new sandwich and cocktail bar

The bad news first: the Minneapolis favorite restaurant, Travail, is closing and later re-opening as a pizza and charcuterie restaurant, called Pig Ate My Pizza. (Clever name.) But the good news? With the new restaurant will bring the talked-about Rookery, a cocktail and sandwich shop. So it's not all bad news!

The co-owner of Travail, Mike Brown told the Mpls St. Paul magazine that Rookery will do for cocktails as Travail has done for food. So get ready for some seriously wacky, inventive, molecular cocktails. Said Brown about the drinks, "The cocktails will be [done similarly to] how we approach food, we’ll start with the basic cocktail, learn as much as we possibly can about all the different products, do all our own juice and syrups, of course, but then take it to the highest good level we can, maybe with liquid nitrogen, maybe there’s cedar-plank smoke trapped at the top of the glass, maybe it goes with a little duck egg chorizo dish or garnish—it just needs to be good and fun.” Yeah, we'll take it.


The new Travail and Rookery will be three doors down from the new Pig Ate My Pizza; but there's no word on when either Travail and Rookery and Pig Ate My Pizza will open up. We'll be waiting.