Designer Makes New Food Carts for Airplanes

A British designer is in the midst of desigining a longer, skinnier food cart

The new Orbit Food Delivery System for planes.

Nothing sucks more than getting stuck behind the awkward, clunky food cart in a small airplane aisle (and we're sure flight attendants aren't thilled with it, either). Fortunately, one British designer is taking on the outdated food cart and giving it a makeover.

Reports broke that freelance designer Heather Dunne is working on the Orbit Aircraft Food Delivery System to make economy airplane dining easier for everyone. After extensive research with the help of cabin crews and passengers, Dunne's new design is a space-saver — by making it 8 inches longer and 4 inches slimmer, it makes it easier for people to walk past it. The new design will also hold more food than the traditional food cart, 60 meals compared to a meager 40 meals. Even better: The Orbit system will lock into a track, so people sitting in aisle seats no longer have to fear getting bumped by a clumsy cart.

Check out Dunne's designs and get a glimpse of (what we hope will be) the future of eating on planes. Now, onto the task of making airline food taste good.