Designer Karl Lagerfeld Is So Amazing He Inspired A Rolex


In case you just cannot get enough Karl Lagerfeld between the numerous runway shows, photo shoots and Instagram snaps with A-list celebrities, you’re in luck. The fashion icon has inspired a Rolex to be designed after him and it’s coming out just in time to make your Christmas wish list. Customized by Bamford Watch Department and specialized to feature the signature of Lagerfeld across the bottom of the face and his profile at the seven spot, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Milgauss is an ultra-exclusive limited edition.  

As a classic piece for watch collectors and connoisseurs alike, the Milgauss was first produced in 1956 as an antimagnetic watch for those working in power plants and laboratories. Since then the watch has grown in popularity among Rolex fans. The Lagerfeld version comes in a matte black and went on sale last week at the Karl Lagerfeld flagships in Paris and Munich. The timepieces are priced at €19,000 (approx. $26,197).