Design Your Holiday Table From Your Own Backyard

Create an inviting table from things at home

Creating a holiday table is easier than you think.

You would be surprised how every items - many of which you can find in your own back yard - can create the perfect holiday table, and one that the family and friends will remember for a lifetime.

Here’s how you can create a unique and gorgeous holiday table with unexpected and everyday items that will literally WOW your guests:

Buy Sacks of Potatoes: At your local grocer you can find burlap sacks of potatoes. Empty the sacks and set the potatoes aside for Thanksgiving dinner. Cut the sacks to create a burlap runner. Wind and twist accordingly to create a lovely center runner. This base is warm and versatile, and can be used for every holiday table by just switching out the items seasonally.

Scour Your Yard : Gather a few fallen branches and pine cones, either from your yard or a neighbor’s. Place the branches at the edges of your runner, or crisscross them and stagger, for an elegant touch. Sprinkle pine cones and twigs to give your table a nice rustic feel.

Feature Family Photos: Gather your family photos, framed or not, and stagger around the table facing guests. This provides lively conversation, especially the awkward photos or ones from family vacations.

Find Candles: Include old candles from around the house to give your table a warm and festive feel. Space them out evenly on the table and surround them with branches and pine cones.

Feature Candy: Buy a few decorative candies, or use the many you may have received already as holiday gifts, and place them around the table like little treasures. Guest can eat them after the feast, or take them home at the end as a favor.

Place Tea and Hot Chocolate:  Decorative tea bags and instant hot chocolate with marshmallows come in a variety of festive shapes and sizes this time of year. Pepper your table with them, just add hot water or milk and your dessert with tea and hot chocolate is already on the table.

The basic rule is, there are no rules. Have fun, think outside the box, and don’t be afraid to experiment. If you love it, put it on the table and nestle it within the burlap runner. Think about things that will create conversation and interest. With these ideas, inventing your perfect centerpiece will be will be quick, clever, and hassle free.


—Mersene Norbom, Conway Confidential