Desert Perk @ MCX Food court (Starbucks)

MCAS YUMA, Bldg (Quilter st. & Martini Ave.)
Yuma, AZ 85369
(928) 269-7375


  • It's silly my cup of joe has to wait in line behind 5 fraps to be poured.
  • They have some pretty good deals going on this month!
  • Try a Creamice's delicious :)
  • Takes forever for them to pour a simple black cup of coffee. Most coffee shops the cashier literally just turns around pours a cup and hands it to you before they even ring you up. 10 seconds it take
  • A really cute girl works here.
  • Try the Gunny Z. Its a venti Americano with hazelnut syrup and steamed soy milk.
  • Scones are great
  • Love the cookies here

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