Denver Zoo

2300 N Steele St (at 23rd Ave)
Denver, CO 80205
(720) 337-1400


  • The Denver Zoo has long been an innovator in re-creating realistic habitats: Bear Mountain, built in 1918, was the first animal exhibit in the U.S. constructed of simulated concrete rockwork.
  • Get a yearly pass it is worth every penny!
  • One of the nations most popular zoos, this City Park landmark takes you on a globetrotting safari. Go nose to nose with a polar bear, trade funny faces with gorillas and stretch necks with giraffes.
  • ...sun screen and water. Lots of it.
  • Blub blub. Don't miss Tropical Discovery. A fantastic underwater adventure.
  • In 1896, a small, orphaned black bear named Billy became the first resident of Denver Zoo. Billy's adventurous helped mold the Zoo into a home to 3,800 animals representing more than 650 species.
  • Bring your own food.
  • $1 military discount for entrance. Not very big but they are currently working on some better exhibits. Birds, fish & lizards are the biggies. The polar bear exhibit is nice, the sea lions are a hoot
  • Don't come on warm sunny days, you won't get to see a single animal out.
  • Be sure to thank the volunteers! They do so much- your experience just would not be the same without them. Ask them questions and learn some cool information!
  • Blub blub he said. Check out Tropical Discovery. A fine underwater adventure.
  • Go to Zoo Lights, dress in warm layers, bring handwarmers, and do not use a flash when taking pictures.
  • Finally a zoo with ample room for elephants. Great zoo. The map needs to be better though, a little more detail would help people not get lost.
  • As you come in the gate - to right: elephants, bears, monkeys, birds, cheetahs. To the left: zebras, tigers, giraffes, polar bears, sea lions, fish and komodo dragons (Tropical Discovery).
  • Never feed our pet the animals here no mater how cute and cuddly they look
  • Burger sliders with tater tots from the food truck were delicious but got overcharged and didn't realize it until after. Double-check all the prices.
  • Best zoo I've ever been to! My 3 year old loved it too!
  • Demonstration of teaching animal husbandry behaviors to the lions is way cool. An opportunity to see and hear them up close!
  • Join the Zoo's mailing list to learn about free events.
  • I loved the exhibits! Especially being able to go in a majority of the bird exhibits to see how pretty they are up close! The zoo was super clean, great parking and the animals seemed pretty content!

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