Denver Haunted House Artists Demonstrate Monster Makeup Techniques

Denver Haunted House Artists Demonstrate Monster Makeup Techniques

DENVER (CBS4) - “It’s all about the subtlety,” monster makeup artist Kevon Ward says.

Add too much gore and your creation becomes funny, not frightening.

But with the right amount of fake blood and perfect airbrush techniques — not to mention dark hallways and a runaway imagination — an artist can transform any human into a creepy creature.

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One of Ward’s creations for The Asylum, simply called The Doctor, looks like a hybrid man-cyborg. He wears a camera lens in place of his right eye, a computer chip is affixed to his temple and a zipper stands in for his mouth.

Some of the more complex creations at The Asylum start with a reusable mold of the actors’ faces to create a foam-latex prosthetic that’s glued to actors’ faces. It’s then blended with alcohol, painted and dabbed with blood.

Watch Ward create The Doctor and offer tips and tricks for beginners:

Another makeup artist at The Asylum, Liz Fitter, demonstrates how to make the ubiquitous zombie:

The Asylum is located at 6100 E. 39th Ave. in Denver. It’s open through Nov. 2.