Denver Airport Food Court Upgrade

The Denver International Airport is adding a new and improved waiting lounge

The lounge will have a food court, restrooms, and wifi for users

The Denver Post reports a new lounge and food court will open in September at the Denver International Airport. The 45-minute waiting area is an upgrade from the old waiting area, which the airport felt needed remodeling.

The waiting area is across from Pena Boulevard and is meant to be a place for people picking up passengers to wait. It provides a warm space for people to relax and wait for their loved ones to arrive.

This waiting area is one of the few in the country, and this new area will provide even more benefits for those waiting. The lounge will have wifi, bathrooms, and screens continuously updated with flight information. The lounge will also hold 40% more than the current waiting area.


There will also be a food court in the area with various fast-food chain restaurants such as Subway, ZPizza, and Baja Fresh. A Dunkin’ Donuts will be added as well, which will have a drive-thru.The airport hopes that these new plans will create a more user-friendly waiting area and please people waiting for others to land.