Denmark Willing to Pay More for Healthy Food, Study Says

Danish citizens also had the most positive attitudes towards eating healthy

We shouldn't be so surprised that the Danish like healthy foods if even a butter company touts its own nutritional benefits, but we still are: A new study ranks Denmark at the top of Europe to have a "positive attitude" towards healthy eating.

In a study that compared Denmark to the U.K., Italy, Belgium, and Poland, the results showed that nearly 70 percent of Danish residents were willing to pay higher prices — and taxes — for healthy food. In contrast, only 20 percent of people in other countries said they would pay more.

However, it may not be kale and greens that are luring the Danes to say so; study author Jessica Aschemann-Witzel said Danes are used to paying higher taxes, and generally have more faith in public authorities. However, the study could impact how the Danish approach further health policies. After all, this is a country that taxes fatty butter and oils in an effort to discourage their consumption.