Hospital Soup Linked to New Listeria Outbreak

Denmark has had another listeria outbreak
Wikimedia/Jen Russo

A new listeria outbreak in Denmark has been traced to asparagus soup served in a hospital.

Three people are reported to have died in the second listeria outbreak in Denmark in just two months, and officials say the outbreaks are unrelated.

In August, 16 people in Denmark died after consuming deli meat infected with listeria bacteria. Now, according to The Local, three more people have died in a completely unrelated outbreak that has actually been traced to an asparagus soup served in a Danish hospital.

“There are two different outbreaks and they are not connected. In the asparagus soup, it is a completely different strain of listeria,” said Tyra Grove Krause of the Danish State Serum Institute.


The asparagus-related outbreak has reportedly infected five people in the last six months from soup served to patients at the Odense University Hospital. Three of the five patients infected have died. Listeria bacteria was also found in meatballs served at the hospital.