Den Lille Havfrue | The Little Mermaid (Den Lille Havfrue)

Landmark, Historic Site
København, Region Hovedstaden 2100


  • Shes back and beautiful!
  • Fazla beklentiyle gitmemenizi tavsiye ederim. Bir heykel ve fotoraf ektirmek iin bekleyen bir sr insanla karlaacaksnz.
  • "The Little Mermaid" is definitely most well known symbol of CPH, but it's like...go there, get your picture, go's not really so worth to see compared to other amazing things in CPH.
  • Pussy Riot Mermaid
  • The one thing that symbolizes Copenhagen more than anything - The Little Mermaid.
  • Do you believe in Mermaids? Believe it or not Copenhagen has one just right at the sea. OK it's a statue but one of the most photographed sights in Copenhagen.
  • The best known symbol of Copenhagen
  • Visit it during the golden hour , before the sunset :)
  • Wonderful sight. The tranquility of the mermaid sums up perfectly the need to find serenity even in moments of chaos, a concept perfectly realised in the Danish lifestyle.
  • Cold, but worth it. Will the Mermaid be Green all day? Next year for Paddy's day? time will tell. She looked wonderful. Picture to follow.
  • The Little Mermaid was placed on Langelinje in 1913 and is today one of the most visited tourist attractions in Denmark. - It's a must-see when visiting Copenhagen.. if not.. already done.
  • I really recommend you to stay here for longer than 5-10 minutes. Every tourist just comes to take a picture and even doesnt look at the statue. I sat down here for three Hours and I really enjoyed it
  • A sad mermaid
  • Das Wahrzeichen von Kopenhagen. Wenn man lange genug bleibt sieht man mindestens einen Touristen ins Wasser fallen.
  • It's one of those sights you have to see but come away thinking "is that it?"!
  • , ! :)
  • If you have the choice visit near sunset. In the morning the sunrises behind the statue making a good photo difficult
  • Full of japanese tourists with oversized camera's taking pictures posing stupid as hell
  • She is perfect but so lonely...
  • If you miss your chance to take pictures here, there's a replica of this statue after immigration at CPH Airport (Gates C11 and above).

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