Demand for Gluten-Free Beer Grows with Ommission Beer Expansion

The Portland beer, the first to remove gluten from beer, will go nationwide

On the mark of its first-ever Gluten-Free Beer Day, Portland's beloved gluten-free Ommission Beer is taking its brews nationwide.

By mid-June, expect to find the Omission's lager and pale ale in stores nationwide, according to the Craft Brew Alliance. What makes Omission beers different than other gluten-free beers, according to a press release, is that the brewery still uses barley, a traditional gluten-sensitivity trigger. Instead, it uses ingredients, like the Brewers Clarex enzyme, to remove gluten from its beers -- which are then tested independently by two labs to ensure its gluten-free status. The beer is also never sold in draughts, only bottles, to ensure no cross contamination from tap lines.

Omission is just one of the few growing brands of gluten-free beer in the country, reports the Washington Post. The newest offerings from Omission both have aromatic hoppy profiles, plus caramel malts, Citra hops, and more.