Delicious Destinations: US Cities with Food Names

US towns with tempting titles sure to make your stomach grumble

Coconut Creek, Fla.

When planning a culinary road trip across America, there are some pit stops that are certain to make any adventurer hungry for travel.

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The Daily Meal’s list of 24 U.S. cities with appetite-inducing names pinpoints quirky towns that make eating enthusiasts crave traveling off the beaten path to explore them.

Breakfast lovers could start their day off in Two Egg, Fla. or in Hot Coffee, Miss. Sandwich aficionados can treat themselves to a sandwich in Sandwich, Mass., or fill up on Turkey in Texas any day of the year.

Travelers with aching sweet tooths can indulge in a selection of pies in the pie shops in Pie Town, N.M., and Popcorn, Ind.

Those with a penchant for acquired tastes are also welcome to stop by in Burnt Corn, Ala., or Gnaw Bone, Ind.

By the end of the day, these delectable detours are sure to leave your stomach full and your appetite for adventure satisfied if not hankering for more.