Delicious Desserts in Less Than 5 Minutes

Desserts to whip up at the last minute for a quick treat

Warm, sweet goodness is all I can think about… and my kids, too. The problem is that I don’t always have time to make an elaborate dessert like a chocolate peanut butter cake or cobbler using fresh in-season blackberries. Not to mention the huge dessert that will be begging for "just a tiny bite" every five minutes for days. You know what I’m talking about!

My problems are solved with quick and easy single-serving desserts made in the microwave, but that taste just as good as the slaved-over version. They are perfect for parties, where you can whip them up without worrying about those last-minute RSVPs. Keep reading for a few of my favorites, and serve them at your next party where people can just grab a cup and microwave whenever they get in the mood for something sweet. Fair warning: These recipes make desserts way too accessible.


— mackicayloma, Babble