Deep-Fried Gravy, the Burger Topping of Champions

In the realm of outrageous patty toppings, there's a new king

As far as creativity and artistry is concerned in the world of fast-casual food, burgers are the ultimate blank canvas (right up there with pizza). For years now burger menus have included a wide range of outrageous and ingenius toppings, from classics like bacon and avocado to more complex items like braised pork belly and spicy kimchi. But Wiener & Still Champion is upping the ante with their newly unveiled deep-fried gravy burger.

Gus Paschalis, the self proclaimed "CFO" of the operation, (which stands for Chief Frying Officer) is now offering his customers the option of topping their burgers with a golden-brown patty of deep-fried homemade gravy, for an extra $1.50 a pop.

The disks of gravy are breaded and cooked to order, so that when the hungry diner takes their first bite, the warm, molten gravy oozes out and coats the burger. Think of it like the burger equivalent of a soup dumpling.

What's more? The hearty disc of Thanksgiving deliciousness is just about the same size as the 1/3 pound burger it sits on top of. So just in case you were on the fence about whether this monstrous creation is heart-stoppingly worth it, the answer is yes.

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