Fun Family Decorating Tips for Your Spring Table

Staff Writer

These bright and vibrant tablescape ideas are great for the season!

Spring may be a little slow to arrive, but that does not mean you can’t get your dining room table ready for the new season with warm accents and bright colors.


Decorating for spring does not have to be about any specific holiday, so embrace the fun, the flavors, and the colors to create your table with your whole family.

Here are a few great family craft ideas:


• Marshmallow Peep Bouquets: Skewer marshmallow Peeps in a pattern and add to a centerpiece vase.

• Carrot Place Settings: Simply make these by wrapping orange napkins in a cone shape around green plastic silverware.

• Spring Nest Centerpiece: Take a large bowl and fill it with grass, flowers, and little candy eggs to make it look like a festive spring nest at the center of your table.

• Photo Vase: Clip pictures of your children or drawings they made inside a clear jar and fill the inside with flowers.


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Jennifer Barnum is author for Maine Cottage Furniture, and she enjoys writing about home decorating tips and ideas.