De Beers Captures Oceanic Beauty in the Phenomena High Jewelry Collection


There’s one little thing that women want for the holidays—it's not bags, shoes or holiday makeup kits (as much as we love those)—it's glittering, sparking and jaw-dropping diamonds. So when we spotted this bangle we knew we had a winner on our hands. The Phenomena High Jewelry collection at De Beers is meant to be an expression of nature—metals and diamonds curling like the movement of water. As a way to capture natural occurring motions, the jewelry mimics the crest, waves and even frost formations of the world’s oceans. One of the most beautiful pieces in the collection, the Phenomena crest bracelet, is almost 200 diamonds worth of natural beauty. Set in white gold, a 2.15ct pear cut diamond is surrounded by 197 diamonds for a total weight of 11cts. And while we’re big fans of all diamond jewelry, this piece is probably one of our favorites—and you know it can be so hard to pick just one.