David Lebovitz on New York Stops, Getting Slapped, and Making Doughnuts

Here's a super cute video of the writer doing the "dip, dip, swirl"

Hilarious writer and pastry chef David Lebovitz chatted with BabyCakes owner Erin McKenna when he was in New York CIty last month, and it’s all very sweet and adorable.

On Lebovitz’s slap from Big Gay Ice Cream Truck owner Doug Quint: “He slapped you because he’s so happy to see you,” McKenna says. “Well I think if you’re going to have a gay ice cream truck you have to slap the customers once in a while,” Lebovitz says.

Watch Lebovitz make doughnuts, learn the BabyCakes frosting technique (dip, dip, swirl), get stuck in a tight, pink uniform (McKenna comes to the rescue), and list his favorite eateries. Porchetta is one, and so is the City Bakery, because “the pretzel croissants are awesome,” he says. Oh hey, our office is only two blocks away...

David Lebovitz at BabyCakes NYC: A Chat and Some Donuts! from BabyCakes NYC on Vimeo.

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