David Beckham & Famous Friends Launch New Haig Club Single-Grain Scotch Whisky in Scotland


You may not be able to have David Beckham for yourself or wake up to be David Beckham, but you can certainly drink like him now. Haig Club, a brand new single-grain Scotch whisky produced by Beckham and Simon Fuller, was officially launched globally on October 4 at a super private dinner hosted by the partners. Held just outside Edinburgh, Scotland at the Glimerton house, the launch gave Beckham and Fuller the chance to officially introduce the luxury spirit to some of their family and friends, including Victoria Beckham and Gordon Ramsay. And judging by the video and photos, the presentation was pretty darn impressive.

The whisky was first spotlighted with cocktail hour, featuring drinks like the Clubman and the Haig Club Rose fizz, and was next paired expertly with a seven-course meal— which was curated by Michelin-starred chef Tom Kitchin and included half Newhaven lobster, roe deer, and seasonal sorbet. Chef Ramsay contributed  a Haig Club Panna Cotta with Scottish thyme shortbread. 

"Crafted at Scotland’s oldest grain whisky distillery—Cameronbridge in Fife—Haig Club is built on heritage but designed for the modern world. The House of Haig can trace its whisky producing roots back to the seventeenth century, making the Haig family Scotland’s oldest grain whisky dynasty." The contemporary square glass bottle is blue, inspired by the old blue bottles used so spirits would be judged on taste and smell alone, not color. 

The flavor profile was created by master blender Chris Clark, who handpicked mature whisky from Refill, American Oak and Rejuvenated casks to make a single grain that has a "fresh, clean style showcasing butterscotch-smooth tropical fruit and unexpected, spicy backing harmonies."

“I am incredibly proud to have been part of the creation of Haig Club,” says David Beckham. “I think we have made something really special. For me it has meant understanding how whisky is made and enjoyed and then working with some incredible people to write a new chapter for Haig.” Beckham also stresses the importance of quality over quantity, adding, "I appreciate a well-made drink and I like to take my time and enjoy it—I try to drink better, not more.”  

“This is a great partnership between one of the world’s most iconic stars and a company that is a true leader in the global siprits industry. Now we can all celebrate together as Haig Club is launched worldwide and can be enjoyed by everyone!” says Simon Fuller.

Haig Club is now available in bars, restaurants, and retail stores all over the United Kingdom, with plans to roll out in China, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and the United States in the coming weeks.