Date Night Is Getting a Makeover

Take a look at what 'dinner and a movie' will look like in the future

Movie theaters (and date nights) as we know them are changing.

With matchmaking sites and single socials everywhere these days, the process for landing a date has dramatically changed the way we meet people. Once you finally meet someone, a fail-safe first-date activity has always been "dinner and a movie." But even the way we do that could be changing with the rise of upscale concession stands at movie theaters across the country.

Concession stand eats have always been a huge selling point for movie theaters. Munching on popcorn during a film gained popularity once talking pictures were introduced during the time of the Great Depression, as popcorn was so accessible for theater owners to purchase and sell at a low cost. But movie-time snacks have evolved immensely in terms of the variety available and the price since the days of the $0.05 popcorn bags.

AMC Movie Entertainment, a popular chain of movie theaters, is looking to take the movie-going experience even further. AMC is offering extended options in some of its theaters, turning concession stands into  bars and restaurants. Some theaters are offering movie-goers a chance to reserve seating in advance or even enjoy a full meal at their seat. So with food and entertainment both easily available at the movie theater, what will this do to "dinner and a movie" dates across the country?

The now-condensed former two-part date idea could leave new lovers in a bit of a quandary in terms of getting to know each other. So take the extra time to plan a really special date with an extra activity that gets you away from the screen.

Go for Appetizers
Before dinner and the movie start, take your date out for a small plate at a nearby restaurant. You two can cozy up at the bar with great small bites so you get a chance to chat before sitting in silence for the next two hours.

Go for Dessert
If dessert is an option in the theater, opt to skip it and head out to a local coffee shop. Sharing an intimate table and a small dessert plate will give you an opportunity to chat and see if there are sparks flying off-screen.

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Go for Drinks
With many movie theaters now serving alcohol, you can keep the party going for post-dinner drinks. Take your date to a quiet spot with a smaller crowd of people so you can actually hear one another to see where the night may take you.