Daniel Boulud's Mixed Green and Rhubarb Salad and More Recipes

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In today's Weekly Recipe Review, beet pesto pasta, plus new barbecue methods

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Check out our editors' picks for the best recipes from food sections across the world.

NY Mag
Daniel Boulud shares a recipe for seasonal rhubarb with mixed greens.

LA Times
Gazpacho doesn't have to be tomato-based; this white gazpacho recipe gets a touch of sweetness with grapes.

NY Times
Forget margaritas this weekend; go for an herbal basil Paloma.

Basically, butterscotch is the best thing ever and you should always have this butterscotch cake on hand.

Chicago Tribune
Five quick marinades for your backyard barbecues.

Seattle Times
Chili with jalapeños, black beans, and turkey? Yes, please.

Kitchen Daily
Anytime we can have truffles for breakfast (as in, oatmeal truffles), we're good.

Portland Press Herald
Vegan taquitos is an easy trick to pull over your kids. Healthier? Most definitely.

Washington Post
Bright pink, beet pesto pasta is sure to add a pop of color to your dinner table.

Wall Street Journal
Grilling gets fancy with grilled cornish hen garnished with red grapes and a vinaigrette.