Dairy Queen Meets Wine

Wine bottles dipped in chocolate... seriously

For three generations Cheryl Sher’s family has been in the chocolate business. Their recipe is Belgian in origin, smooth, creamy and flavorful. When Sher decided to begin pairing wine with chocolate, she decided not just to coordinate the flavors, but to dip the bottles of wine themselves in chocolate.

That’s right: a chocolate bar around your bottle of wine... literally. Think of it as the ultimate merge for this classic pairing. Is it messy? Probably. Is it decandent? Likely. Is it blissful? Quite possibly.

If you are afraid you wouldn’t be able to read the label on your favorite quaff if it were chocolate-dipped, fear not. Sher makes sure to trim the chocolate away, so that the wine’s label is always visible. Next up: mobile “Bliss in a Bottle” kiosks in large retail stores and in wineries. We’d settle for straight-up wine vending machines, but we’ll take chocolate-dipped wine over no wine any day.

One of Sher’s favorite pairings: Dashe Cellars Late Harvest Zinfandel covered in milk chocolate with dried cherries, or Côtes du Rhône red wine dipped in dark chocolate. To explore more of Bliss in a Bottle or to order your own custom-dip, visit blissinabottle.com.


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